EHDI-DASH User Guide


Accessing the System Modules

Access to the system modules is via the links on the left Under the "EHDI-DASH Home" bar.


The system modules have different roles.

  • Data Views: view pre-defined groupings of indicators using EHDI-DASH Dynamic Reports (in HTML5) or as tables

  • CDC EHDI: points the user to the CDC EHDI Homepage at

  • Additional Data: points the user to summaries of the annual Hearing Screening and Follow Up Survey (HSFS) on the CDC EHDI website at

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Data Views


A Data View is an administrator-defined grouping of indicators that can be displayed using InstantAtlas Flash dynamic reports or as tables. You can navigate to a Data View using any of the tabs available:

EHDI-DASH Dataview
  • By Key Topic: click on one of the available Key Topics.

Once you have clicked a Data View, the viewing options will appear as Dynamic Report Display Options.

Dynamic Report Viewing Options
Displaying the Data View Using a Dynamic Report

Different Dynamic Reports may be available for displaying the Data View. They all require the ability of your computer to process HTML 5 coding.

Once the Dynamic Report has loaded you will be able to use the interactive functionality to explore the data. If you need help, click the "Help" button within the Dynamic Report.

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